Ministry of the Casino Presbyterian Church since 1995

History of the School

Casino Christian School commenced operation as a Primary School in 1995. Fifty-five pupils were enrolled in the first year in Kindergarten to Year 6, a very good number for the commencement year of a school. The inaugural Principal was Mr Peter Robinson. The school continued to grow in number and educationally. The school had two main classroom blocks.

In 1999, Mr Ern Case began as Principal, as the school looked towards beginning a Secondary School section. The new Primary block was built, enabling Secondary to begin. The inaugural year of the Secondary department was 2000. These students were the pioneers and reached Year 10 in 2003. The school had reached a population of about 150 students by 2008, and the Music/Art/Woodwork block was built on the lower part of the school. Mr Case retired at the end of 2008 after 10 years of faithful service to the Lord in the school.

In 2009, Mr Phil Johnson was appointed as the Principal. New buildings such as the Multi Purpose Centre and the Administration/Library Block were built in 2010 as part of the Building the Education Revolution funding. The school grew further in numbers to over 200 students by 2011.

In 2012, the building of the new Technics Block (attached to extra student amenities) had begun, and was opened in 2013. This has given the school separate workshops for Woodwork and Automotive.

In 2014, the school also started Senior Schooling with Year 11 in 2014 and Year 12 in 2015. This allows us to provide a Christian Education from K – 12 for our school community.

In 2015 Mr Peter Spence became the new school Principal leading the school into an exciting and rapidly changing future.

Amongst the local community, growing interest has been shown in the school over recent years. We are thankful to God for all the families that have come here during the school’s history. We are thankful to God for the journey so far and for the prospects of a bright future.