Ministry of the Casino Presbyterian Church since 1995


Technology is taught throughout the school curriculum. In Primary School it is part of the Science and Technology Key Learning Area. In Secondary School it is taught as Technology (Mandatory) in Years 7/8, offered as electives in Years 9/10 as Industrial Technology (Automotive & Timber), and taught as a compulsory Computer subject (IST) in Year 9 (see below).

Technology subjects for Years 11/12 will be taught from 2014 onwards. Subjects such as Industrial Technology (Automotive) and Information Processing Technology (IPT) are provided.

The school has a good Food Technology kitchen/classroom and a well equipped Computer Room (see below).  The school has two fully equipped workshops, one for Automotive and one for Woodwork.

Computer Technology

Computer Technology is a major part of all out lives including our students.  Here at Casino Christian School we endeavor to make sure that we are up to date with the use and implementation of computer and technology.  We currently have a well-equipped computer lab with over 30 iMacs running the latest software and a state of the art Mac Pro Server that provides reliable access to Internet, mail and a school intranet.

Information Software Technology (IST) is a compulsory subject for Year 9, and is part of the Technology (Mandatory) course taught in Year 7/8. The HSC subject of IPT is offered and run as a compressed course in 2014. Computing is also taught to every Primary class for one lesson a week. All Primary and Secondary classes use computers as a regular part of their learning in all subjects.

Every student is also encouraged to not only use technology but to use it in a Godly manner that brings glory to him.

Years 9/10  – Automotive Elective

The Automotive elective class covers all aspects of vehicle maintenance and associated vehicle component systems.  Students participate in three Automotive periods a week, theory in one and the other two doing practical work on a range of vehicles, from the school’s ride-on mower, tractor and a number of cars.

Students work on engines, sectioning 2 and 4 stroke small motor projects.

Students are also provided with the opportunity to drive most of these vehicles with parental permission and under direct teacher supervision that provides practical driving experience.

Students participate on excursions to PRIMEX, TAFE and a number of automotive businesses to understand latest trends and emerging technologies in the automotive industry.

Years 9/10  – Timber (Woodwork) Elective

The Woodwork elective class covers many aspects of using timber to make a variety of items.  Students participate in three Woodwork periods a week, undertaking theory, workshop safety and practical work.

Students work on projects such as drawing boards, T-squares, rolling pins, magazine racks, spice racks, coffee tables and footstools. They also produce their own-designed major wood project in Year 10.

Students participate on excursions to PRIMEX, TAFE and a number of timber businesses to understand latest trends and emerging technologies in the wood industry.

Years 7/8  – Technology (Mandatory)

Students will have a variety of studies, in each of the school’s Technology facilities.  These will include studies and practical experiences in Food Technology, Industrial Technology (Automotive or Woodwork), Promotional Design (Computing) and in other areas.

These studies will enable students to use their gifts to the full in many design and technology areas, and will assist with their future elective subject choices in Years 9 to 12.