Ministry of the Casino Presbyterian Church since 1995

School Band

What is the band program?

The band program offers students the opportunity to learn an instrument in the context of a concert band made up of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments and reap the many benefits that come with doing so.

The band program offers student’s a fantastic opportunity to have fun, learn and grow as individuals and as a group. Students are enhancing their capacity to think, boosting their mathematical and reading skills, resulting in an increased success rate across all curriculum areas.

The emphasis of this program is education – being part of a band program helps students to develop self-discipline, patience, perseverance, reflection and self-analysis, teamwork and commitment… to name a few. It also assists with cognitive, social and emotional development, in ways that other subjects simply can’t.

The school owns a range of instruments that are hired to students. This enables a student to experience a range of instruments and keep the cost to a minimum for parents.

Casino Christian School is pleased to be able to offer this program to its students.